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What is Paperhouse Network?

Paperhouse Network is a podcast medium for creatives – but you don’t need to hold a paintbrush, be behind a camera, or be on stage to be a “creative”. Our purpose is to deliver fresh and unique perspectives through a variety of voices that approach their industry with ingenuity and exploration. We exist to awaken the artist and visionary in all of us, and invite our listeners to see the world through a different lens. Welcome to Paperhouse Network.

Our Podcasts

Just Joking


Comedian Kevin Dombrowski sits down each episode with another comedian to break down what’s happening in the world by making fun of it.

The Commissioner of Comedy with James Mattern

A comedy etiquette podcast. A 101 class on the unspoken rules and insider going ons of being a working standup comedian in New York City and the road.


Hosted by Nick Angelo “The Ear” and Engineer/Musician E Scott Lindner, this podcast is made for musicians, engineers, producers, and music lovers of all kind! Take a deep dive into the world of making music in the recording studio, plus heated debates on musical taste and live performances recorded at the beautiful Pinch Recording studio in New York City.

New York Comedy CLUB PODCAST

The official podcast of one of the most successful comedy clubs in the world – The New York Comedy Club! Hosts Nick Angelo and Amy Hawthorne sit down and talk with some of today’s most popular comedians about the business, the jokes, and the journey of a stand-up comedian. Fun, funny, sometimes serious, and occasionally bizarre, The New York Comedy Club Podcast offers a unique and wide perspective on and off the stage of the comedy world.

Rep your squad

Rep your squad is a brand new podcast that is set out to find the most hardcore, loyal, out of their mind fans or followers of a sports team, band or any ideology that they believe in. Through a series of questions we will determine whether they are fraudulent or obsessive about their following.


THE WORLD IS WRONG is an extremely positive podcast about movies the world is wrong about. Hosts ANDRAS JONES & BRYAN CONNOLLY have spent their lives championing these films, TV shows and cinematic artists.

Andras, is the star of many cult motion pictures, a songwriter, an author, a bartender, and the host and creator of the musical divination show, Radio8Ball.

Bryan, is a filmmaker, video store clerk, the co-author of the massive paean to punk rock in film “Destroy All Movies”, and the co-host of “The Director’s Wall” podcast.

Together they will introduce you to films you may have never seen or heard of,
many you may have heard of but from people who were simply wrong about them,
and maybe even a few that you saw and thought you didn’t like.

Well, you were wrong and this is the podcast that will make you glad you were.


Hey! You! You’re reading about The Face Beat Heels High podcast which is a WWE podcast, hosted by 3 women! Join Cristina “The Baker ” Contreras, Wild Spice, and Princess Jelly Bean (PJ) weekly on Tuesdays as we discuss the happenings of NXT, RAW, and SMACKDOWN! We like to drink, laugh and talk wrestling- so if you don’t like to drink, laugh, or talk wrestling you should probably just tap out now. So get the tables, pour yourself a Broken Skull IPA and a shot of Teremina tequila, and come hang out with us!

One Piece of Mind


Stand up comedian, Neko White nerds out on his favorite anime and manga, “One Piece” Join us as we tackle some theories, chapter reviews, character analysis, and of course Neko’s own headcanon. welcome aboard, and let your mind sail with me.Brought to you by Paperhouse Network. New episodes every Monday.


Steelers and Browns fans collide as Nick Angelo and Simon Siegel discuss, debate, and laugh about everything NFL through the lens of their respected teams. This is not a “hot take” style podcast, Nick and Simon are friends and respect each others sports fandoms. They actually like each other… except for 2 Sundays out of the season!

Good Advice for Bad Ideas

Marty Caproni and Joe Gerics welcome guests who discuss some of the bad ideas they’ve had, advice on doing these things, and life lessons learned along the way.

Straight Guys

Queer comedy podcast answering sex & dating questions, queering the news, and roasting straight and gay culture with your hosts Caitlin Reese and Kate Zasowski.

Buddy, What's the Bet with Alex Pavone

Comedian and sports fanatic, Alex Pavone brings you a funny and insightful look at the world of sports gambling alongside Steve Sylvester. 


Candi Clare is a Comedy Booker. Single Mom. Dipping in early 40’s. Steve Lipman is a Comedian. Actor. Dipping in early 20’s. Together they balance the universe and know it ALL. This is the podcast to listen to when you need advice from political choices to what to wear on a date. Oh! and we’ll diagnose that rash. Disclaimer: We know absolutely nothing.

Pink Among Men

Recorded at the Gotham Podcast Studio in midtown Manhattan, the Pink Among Men Podcast features conversations with creators from varying backgrounds, industries and disciplines. With the goal of being both humorous and thoughtful each episode’s conversation aims to inspire others to learn about their own process and motivation by picking up on the best practices and journeys of others. 


The Cary Allen Picture Show is a freeform interview style podcast hosted by filmmaker and photographer Dennis Cahlo where he sits down with directors, actors, comedians, and people from all walks of the creative world to talk about film and how it affected their lives and shaped who they are today. The chats are funny, touching, and often revealing going way beyond cinephelia.


The Gone Girls is a bi-weekly podcast featuring stand-up comedians Shauna Lane and Ankara Savone. These two performers are trying to get to the bottom of life while interviewing fellow comedians and anyone else they find interesting. Each episode includes a sketch written by one of The Gone Girls that’s then cold read by everyone on the show. It’s a traveling podcast, they meet their guests at different locations. The Gone Girls are super fun and will having laughing with your moms! 

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